What ta do when you are BLUE.

September 1, 2017





We have all been there. A bad day, a terrible day, and maybe even the loss of the want to live. And as alone as you might feel right now, please know that you are never really alone. But if you are reading this, and you are feeling like sh** then you really don't care. (Lets be honest.) And if we dig a little deeper, you just might rather eat some ice cream, and talk to your cat about how life sucks than read this. 


Once again, just being honest. 


And in the spirit of being honest, how you currently feel is totally ok. A bad day can totally suck. 


Which begs an interesting question:


Instead of cheering ourselves up with a faux band-aid of cheer and overt positivity, what are we to do when we are down because things just aren't going our way? In those moments when the dark feels greater than the light and things feel out of wack or it just all sucks....


How the hell do we pull ourselves out of it? 


After years of practice and research on the subject, these are my tips...


Blue Time Rescue Remedy 411: 


1. Get out of your own head. 


And this might mean to get our of your own damn space for a moment too. If you are feeling sad or depressed, a change in your scenery (pronto please!) can do wonders for your state of mind. This action will automatically shift your perspective and remind you of something other than your own personal frustration. This could mean going for a walk, grabbing a cup of coffee, or treating yourself to a movie. By infusing the frontal lobe of your brain with new things to see and your senses with new things to taste or smell you will automatically feel a switch in your perspective. 


2. Count it out!


Once of my favorite thought- shifters in the moment of feeling like: shit, overwhelm, or irritated is to count. Yep, you heard me! Just like a little school girl, I start to count random things on purpose. (and yes, this is different than the Obsessive Compulsive need to count.) Rather, I use counting as a way to change whatever I am focusing on to something else. And I tell you it works! You can get fun with this and really make it interesting. I was once in a very boring meeting with a ton of boring people and instead of focusing on how much it sucked I counted the tables, the chairs, and even the letters in a painting on the wall. By the time I had counted up most things in most categories in the room...I was so entertained that I forgot it totally sucked and organized happy hour right after wards for all of my zombie looking colleagues. 


Bottom line is this: you can feel better right now by shifting your current circumstance on purpose. 



2. Do something you like to do: NOW. Even for 10 minutes. 


Don't wait till tomorrow, or next week, or next year to get back to enjoying the moment and all that your life has to offer. If you happen to have forgotten what you like to do, now is the time to make a list about all the things that make you tick. For many of us, until we realize it, our work and family lives (things outside of us) have taken precedence over the things that we really love to do. Which is no big deal, but for the greater good of ourselves and those around us, we best get back to those things asap! 


Mainly because those things we just happen to love to do also connect us automatically with the moment and to the Universe. No matter what God (or lack thereof) that you believe in, there can be no denying in the magic that is felt when you are doing your "thing." It is in these instances that we are happily connected to a sublime state of mind. Which is a natural game changer for a sad or depressed state. 


If you are busy and super occupado, just take a couple moments to do that thing, whatever it is. 



3. Hold The Phone.


Resist reaching our to your Mother, Grandmother, Auntie, and close friends for help (just for now)...


And please dont't hate me. 


I'm not suggesting that you isolate yourself, hole away in the closet or cut off all communication with other human beings. 


What I am suggesting is that you shift your perspective and at least sit with yourself before doing so. 


The thing is that when we discuss our problems, issues, and personal pain with our family and sometimes our friends in a compulsive way- it reinforces the beliefs and whatever else is contributing to the current situation. Our words and the what we choose to say are very extremely important. And they are listened to by our conscious and sub-conscious mind. To put it plainly, when we feel bad and then talk about feeling bad...we just end up feeling....badder. So instead of compulsively talking to everyone else about how shitty you feel, shift your perspective, get into the flow of life and then take action. 


Funny thing is, once you change your viewpoint and back to the energy center that is you...


There just might not be much to vent about after all. 



Lots of Love, 

Alexis Hovden 

ThetaHealing® Instructor & Practitioner 

Los Angeles, CA 









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