Abuse + Trauma Recovery

September 1, 2017


Are you the survivor of trauma, abuse, or a recent life changing event that has left you unable to move on, cope, or live in the present moment? If so, please know that you are not alone. 


Abuse and Trauma can take many forms but statistically speaking here is some data: 


-60%  of Americans know a survivor of domestic abuse or sexual violence AND 1 in 3 & 1 in 7 men report living with domestic violence. 


-Nearly one in 10 women has been raped by an intimate partner in her lifetime, including completed forced penetration, attempted forced penetration or alcohol/drug-facilitated completed penetration.


-91% of the victims of rape and sexual assault are female, and 9% are male


Traditional therapeutic methods include talk therapy, medication, and often a clinical diagnosis in order to treat the symptoms that accompany abuse and trauma. Unfortunately, even though many of these methods are a wonderful step in the right direction, they may not have long lasting effects on deep seeded issues that an individual encounters because of having experienced a deeply catastrophic experience.

And then the inherent problem with this is simple: since we have never quite healed from the experience (s), we unconsciously re-live the abuse, the trauma, or the drama because we have not fully moved on from the experience. This may manifest as 

re-living the same dysfunctional relationships over and over again, having emotional outbursts, or perpetually being triggered by the memories of the trauma itself. 


The good news is: there are many ways to finally heal and move on from any form of trauma or abuse. The ability to feel safe & comfortable in your body without re-living past events is possible.  




{The only requirement: you must be wiling to let go of being the victim.}





Grab your journal and start to write. Dig deep into specific situations in which you felt marginalized, abused, taken advantage of, etc. Attempt to look at these scenarios with fresh eyes and as if you are an eagle scanning the situation from above. Remove the blame game and take note of whatever part you played in the given scenario. If it was from your childhood, identify ways in which the given experience has influenced

 your life, helped your grow, or kept you in a zone of comfort. 


A great way to do this is to start with your childhood years and move on upwards into adulthood. By taking a clear inventory and making the writing specific according to your age, you might even likely stumble upon some memories and/or situations that you have forgotten. By examining all these situations and how they have impacted your life, you will have a clear jumping off point for healing, growth, moving on, forgiveness, and expansion. 


Proof will be in the writing pudding. 





Quite simply, say "thank you and goodbye" too anyone who you still feel mentally occupied with but wish to release and move on from. This letter can be abstract or you can simply write the same words and sentences over and over again. Get creative. Maybe grab a sharpie and write it in all caps. For emphasis, put it somewhere that you will see it- your fridge, your bathroom mirror, etc. There is a huge amount of power in the written word, and our tendency to lean on technology has distanced us from good ol' natural paper and pen action. 



If you get angry, pump it up. If you get sad, let the tears flow. If you simply feel a huge sense of relief, settle into this goodness. 





By allowing yourself to fully forgive whatever, whomever, and wherever caused the abuse or trauma, you are freeing yourself to move on. It really has nothing to do with the other person; it essence it has everything to do with you. By taking conscious steps to forgive and move on, you are freeing up your energy field to experience new and exciting adventures. As you release the past, you are quite literally making space for the new. 




Do something small or big for yourself. Take yourself out on a self-love date, bask in the sunlight, or finally

 book that trip or class you have been talking about. Start to incorporate small tokens of self love into your days, weeks, and months. Soon it will feel like second nature and your new routine of reflection +

forgiveness+self love will become second nature.


As you consciously let go of your role as victim to your circumstance, and embrace being the Creator of your life story, new people and situations just might start to show up. 


You might even wonder where the heck you have been your whole life!  


If you wish to dive even deeper, I do facilitate trauma and abuse recovery with clients in private, one-on- one sessions either in person @ my LA office or remotely via Skype or Phone. If you are ready for this step, please email  hello@alexishovden.com or choose your appointment time here. 



Wishing you much Love & Success on your life's journey,  


Alexis Hovden

Performance Coach & Trainer 

Los Angeles, CA & Worldwide














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