New Obsession: Spirit Junkie.

August 4, 2016



Cut to the chase and admit it- you are Spirit obsessed. Maybe you have a newfound fascination with your soul, your spirit, and evolving your human experience to be the best that it can be. 


Maybe you just think energy, metaphysics, crystals, DNA activations, and Creator/ Spirit are super cool & fun. 


Maybe you are considering a career change that will finally allow you to shower the world with your Intuitive & Psychic gifts.... 


And maybe- because of the obvious coolness of the above- you are feeling like a sudden outsider in your life's story. OR you feel unable to talk about who you are now vs. who you were before. 


You now see a direct difference in where you are in life vs. where your family and friends are. Coupled with this you might feel embarrassed and the need to hide any of your special talents & interests. A completely normal occurrence as we grow & evolve; all of the sudden feeling like an outsider even to ourselves is completely and totally normal. 


So what to do about it? 


1. Remind yourself that you are special, beautiful & unique. 


Cuz you are. You know the mantra- within you is all you need & want; basically, when you tap into the gold light within you all is well.  In these moment of mental turmoil it is good to keep in mind that God, the Universe, and all that you are connected to is here for you. And it's all true. You aren't a mistake and you weren't created by accident. In fact, since you are still here that means there is more work to do & you've still got stuff to experience. 

2. Notice what causes you to feel triggered. 


Cuz inherently that is really all that is happening. You are seeing something and experiencing something outside of yourself that is causing you to have an internal dialogue of some sort. Usually this means we have limiting beliefs about a certain situation or scenario. Realizing where and when we are highly triggered is key to clearing it out and moving forwards. Is it around your family? Your friends? At work? Dig deep and be honest with yourself about the who/what/why/where that surrounds the circumstances in which you might feel anything from paralyzation to inferiority. 


3. Read books, educate yourself--refer to the Metaphysical Sciences. 


Even reach out and grab a book that you think is too heavily based in intellect for you to understand.

There are thousands of books, blogs, and writings about the nature of our reality and why we are here. Once you start diving into this info you just might be energized and enlivened.  For the out of the really "out of the box" reads teach yourself something new and learn about Angels, Spirit Guides, and any type of energy healing that suites your fancy. Even better, read super cool accounts of people who have had life altering spiritual experiences.


4. Surround Yourself with Like Minded People. 


Join Facebook groups and online chat rooms. Pick a topic and go for it. Call that girlfriend of yours who is also totally into the Spiritual Evolvement stuffs that you are. If you wanna get fancy- call on your spirit guides, the angelic realms, an ascended master, or the like- for assistance. 


5. Do something creative or fun that will deviate your attention for a bit. 


Make a seriously cool collage or re-design your living room. Draw your attention to a creative endeavor, whatever that might be for you, and focus on it. By changing our point of attention and

focus in the moment, we are able to re-direct and re-wire our thoughts to new pathways and new ways of thinking and being instantaneously.  


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