5 Signs Your Intuition is Waking UP.

August 3, 2016


For most of us, having a life altering experience, first having an energy healing session, or living through a near death experience, can hyper propel our intuitive (i.e.- psychic) centers into motion. More often than not, this can cause an inner disruption of sorts. Or you can just start to freak yourself out. Neither of which is very fun. Good news is, as a highly intuitive being, and if you can learn how to properly use your newfound skills----you can become your best asset.  



5 Signs Your Intuition Might be Waking Up: (& why its so darn cool) 


1. You are having vivid, colorful, and expressive dreams. 


Funnily enough, these might not make a whole lot of sense. And they may involve people of your past, or a past you don't necessarily remember. Do you find yourself visiting an ex or suddenly aware that your Auntie Mae is sick? Do you see images of your life as a warning sign? Maybe even---you see something in your dream life first and then see it in person second. Or you might even go somewhere and then think to yourself, "hey man, I've been here before!" and then in the moment suddenly realize that yes you have been here, but it was during  a dream. 


2. You are experiencing deja vu, like maybe all the time. 


Similar to having a dream and seeing the future beforehand, deja vu gives you an instant feeling of "I have been here before," or "this feels way familiar to me." Similar to having a dream and seeing the future beforehand, deja vu gives you an instant feeling of  having experienced the present before.  The textbook definition of deja vu reads: "a feeling of having already experienced the present situation," or

"a tedious familiarity."  This is another small clue that your intuitive skills are wide awake and that you are, in the moment, experiencing life without time. Some say deja vu is an indication that you are "on the right track" or that "things are lining up" but in reality that is left up to debate. The way that I see it, your sixth sense, that handy dandy intuition, is at play and communicating some fun stuff vis-a-vi deja vu. Possibly, whomever you are with or wherever you are has happened before and you are just tapping into this info. Taking mental or written notes of when and where you experience deja vu is a great and fun practice to link these experiences together. 


3. You are having premonitions of the future...


So, like ok, this would be a big "duh" in the realm of psychic powers, but funnily enough can go undetected. Remember that time someone was calling and you just happened to know beforehand? Or, as you were traveling, you just "happened" to have that crazy dream of your old pal from college and then you ran into him or her? We often chalk these instances up to "chance" but in fact it is you tapping into your energetic sphere and the occurrences within it. 


4. You are "getting information" about stuff. 


This is a more abstract sign and really dependent about the individual, but is also pretty common. Maybe you are interviewing a new employee and all of the sudden feel as if your brain is downloading a ton of information about why you should not hire them. Or quite possibly you are checking out at whole foods only to all of the sudden "know" that the dude bagging your groceries has three kids and likes pizza a whole lot. Either way, once you begin to trust and accept this intuitive information, you are in essence allowing the superpowers within you to be awake and take part in navigating your life experience. 


5. Your senses are heightened in seriously cool & peculiar ways. 


This also varies for everyone, yet there are easy ways to break it down. For instance, are you experiencing...


  1. Clairvoyance: clear seeing with your eyes or an inner "seeing" of pictures or information. 

  2. Clairsentience: clear feeling  via physical feelings, emotions, or physical sensations.

  3. Clairaudient: clear hearing  via audible noises that you cannot see. 

  4. Claircognizance: clear knowing or certainty regarding information. 


It is also possible to experience more than one or all of these abilities at one time. Take it as a note

from your inner self that your senses are definitely heightened. Over time you can fine tune which intuitive senses comes most natural to you. The deeper that you delve into clearing your own mental blocks and inner energy buildup, the easier it will be for you to get in touch with your own intuitive abilities. In essence, the list of possible signs that your intuitive signs are awake can go on and on but when utilized properly can also be a very handy dandy life tools. 


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