CHOICE= success+freedom.

August 1, 2016

 I know the deal. 


You've got so many passions, interests, things you want to do and places you want to go. 


In fact, when you sit down to do what everyone (including online advice experts) recommend-create daily, weekly, monthly goals- you get overwhelmed and knocked down by well- yourself. In other words, you just get in your own way. In plainer terms- you just dont know what you want or how to decide what you want. 


So, besides the fact that this just kinda well, sucks, you aren't getting much done. Maybe you feel as if you have to give something up, in order to make a choice, get ahead, or move forwards. Or possibly, what you really want feels impossible or unachievable. I know the reality of this too well. When I opened my first business, then started business number two, or anywhere in between, there were serious moments, days, and hours I spent in confusion and what I term as creation overwhelm.


Rest assured, this does happen to all of us, especially if you are interested in taking charge of your own life and have an undying commitment to creating a life you love on your terms. 


So what to do? How do we move out of overwhelm and into the flow of life? 


1. Remind yourself that the Universe is listening. 


In other words, your thoughts are things. The messages that you put out into your energetic sphere of influence are creating your reality moment to moment. In plainer terms, chaos creates chaos and creates...more chaos. Decide to stop attacking yourself, your creation model, and whatever you are doing. Decide to stop self- sabotaging. 


2. Identify Your Limiting Beliefs. 


Make a list of what you believe to be true and absolute. A good place to start if new to this practice is to start with making a list of what you believe or what your parents believe about money, life, love, etc. 




Examples: "More money, more problems." OR "Life is difficult." 


As you begin to identify these beliefs, dedicate time to releasing them in order to move forwards. Close your eyes and imagine them dissolving. Create an affirmation for yourself that is uplifting. 


Example: "Money is my friend." OR "Life is exciting and filled with wonder." 


To dig deeper and release your limiting beliefs book here. 





3. Connect with your Why. 


In other words, connect with your inner passion for whatever it is you want to do. Instead of thinking about what you should do or create to get where you want to go, remind myself of why you want do any given thing. If you want to teach Yoga, ponder why you want to do this. Is it to awaken others? If you want to coach others, why is this really? Maybe you want to change the world. Maybe you just want to finally do what you love for a living. In essence, identify that why that gets you out of bed in the morning. When the going gets tough, its useful to have this ammo in your back pocket. 


4. Do something, one thing, you love. 


Often times, just deviating your attention can re-charge our outlook and perspective. Get outside, read your favorite book, or cook your favorite meal.  Re-align yourself to re-calibrate where you are focused. Make a new board on Pinterest. Pig backing on number one, choose to stop your thoughts and instead re-focus on something, anything else. 


Because, in essence...

"We are only as great as our Perspective."

Change your beliefs & Change Your Life! 








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