CHOOSE Expansion.

July 31, 2016


The way that I see it is this.


Within the seconds, minutes, and hours of everyday we have a series of moments that are ripe with possibility. Inevitably, we are constantly choosing something. That something could be a juice or a banana. A frown or a smile. Maybe even this blog or the next. You get my drift. 


And yet, being conscious of the act of choosing may not necessarily even occur to us until we are faced with the big stuff- choices involving career, relationships, family, etc. In many of these moments, knowing what to choose can seem like a daunting, overwhelming matter. And yet, choices are key. (Read more here for why making a choice gets you what you want. ) 


SO then- how do we know what to choose? 




Choose Expansion. 


Choose whatever makes your heart sing, soar, and your body feel like it is lifting up and our of your space. In other words...

Chose Freedom. 


Ditch Contraction; possibilities or ideas that inherently leave you feeling deflated, irritated, or bored. 


As you imagine what you are faced with choosing, are you feeling excited, alive, and a sense of thriving? 




Are you feeling sad, hopeless, angry, or misunderstood?


By identifying this key difference, we can often times be led to discover and understand wether we are currently in a state of creating a life situation which we want OR less than. 


For in the end, what we want is to thrive & live an extraordinary life. 


Want to know what it feels like to embrace and understand your own unique sense of expansion and contraction to create your highest and best good in this life? Just say yes for this energetic download.  







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